Double R Ranch (Florida)


     The Double R Ranch located in Central Florida


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You’re here but I don’t know how you found us because we are the “best kept secret” on the Internet and we are a Private Campground for the exclusive use of the members of the SG Resorts International Travel & Vacation Club. We are a 100+ acre wilderness preserve located in Central Florida where members who enjoy the Great Outdoors can truly enjoy themselves and escape the stress of everyday life.  We have plenty of outdoors and plenty of outdoor activities but we have no televisions, no internet, and no need to have any either.

If you are looking for a place to have a great time camping with your family or friends the Double R is the perfect place for you.  If you are looking for the perfect place to escape for a weekend where you can relax, BBQ, enjoy the night sky and the millions of stars like no other place on earth, the Double R is the perfect destination for you and it does not matter if you arrive in a multi-million dollar RV or a pickup truck with a tent, the place is the place no matter who you are or how RICH you may be. It’s all FREE at the Double R Ranch when you are a member of the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club.

The Double R Ranch is the place to escape and enjoy the Great Outdoors.  You can bring the entire family including the four legged members whether it be a dog, cat, or even a horse.  Everyone is welcome at the Double R as long as they behave themselves. You can bring the boat quad, dirt bike, or any other ATV you may have as we have miles of trails and mudding is a favorite event for the kids of all ages.  We are just minutes from the St.John’s River and the Double R Ranch makes for the perfect campsite at the end of a fantastic day causing the River in the Pontoon Boat. 

How much does it cost to stay at the Double R Ranch?  The answer is NOTHING if you are a member of the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club and if you are not a member, we can probably swing an invitation for a “Visitor’s Pass” for you to enjoy so you can see what you are missing out by not being a member. 

Yes, if you are looking for the perfect place on planet earth to host your next party or event, you need look no further than the Double R Ranch.  The Double R Ranch is a 100+ acre private facility located in Central Florida just North of Orlando and West of Daytona Beach offering the absolute best private campgrounds in Central Florida and the perfect location to host any size outdoor event.

No matter what you may be planning, if it is an outdoor event, the Double R Ranch is the place to consider for your next event or party.  No matter how many people you plan on inviting, the Double R Ranch has the space and no matter what your plans include, as long as it is legal in the State of Florida, it can take place at our 100+ Wilderness Campground. 

THE DOUBLE R RANCH - Central Florida 


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